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Role-play while having fun! This RP site is a big collection of role-play topics! Role-play in your favorite or try something new! There are even school topics for all you teachers!
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 The Rules of RP Alive

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PostSubject: The Rules of RP Alive   3/7/2012, 2:19 pm

These are the rules of RP Alive or RPA as we call it. Please follow them and listen to your admins and moderators or modds.

1) please don't spam. These are useless messages that are a waste of time and space.
2) Please respect all members. Even the old and new ones.
4) Don't complain if you have a low rank or are in charge of a low rank.
5) Don't brag if you're a high rank or are in charge of a high rank.
6) Please be appropriate. If not, you will get in trouble.

If you have any questions or complaints then contact me or one of the admins.

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The Rules of RP Alive
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