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PostSubject: Bloodmist   Bloodmist Icon_minitime2/27/2013, 2:07 am

I never thought that this job would be easy. Still, that having been said, I almost wish it were. Not too long ago Head Scientist Malark seemed to lose it. He go about saying... things. At first we all took them to be the ramblings of a man no longer sane. Little did we know he was speaking the truth. He disappeared recently and some fresh blood was found in the lair of that... that monster. A terrible thing it is, trying to fool us with its human-like appearance. We know better. We see through the deception; however, sometimes it just seems so human. It can feel no emotions and has been known to kill on sight, so how could it be human, right?


It's been weeks since Malark mysteriously vanished. The higher ups seem to have replaced him, though I doubt this new guy will last very long. From what I've heard he's got a wife and a baby step-son at home. Guys like him are just too soft for this job. Still, the ones they put in charge always seem to have something different about them. Deranged criminals and war veterans with PTSD would be a step down. If he's really as soft as he seems then somebody up top must have a screw loose.

These journal entries were found on a computer file. They likely belonged to one of the lower class workers. Whoever they were, it doesn't matter now. They're dead. They're all dead.


Three man stood in a room wearing strange gear. It looked to be some sort of armor; heavy enough to protect against attacks, but light enough for movement to not be hindered. The one in the middle was wielding a combat rifle. The two on the side were holding tranquilizer guns. They were surrounding a figure that was crouched on the floor. It was human in appearance, but to them it was something different.

It simply stood there, breathing, in its weird, hunched over crouch. Suddenly the man standing to the right collapsed. The other two men barely noticed because they were suddenly drowsy. It was as if they were placed under a sleepiness spell of some sort. The man with the rifle watched as the man on the left fell. It suddenly occurred to him the something was gripping his throat.

The monster squeezed down on the man's throat. Although it had no claws, blood could be seen pouring down past its hand. It released the man, grabbed the rifle, and took off through an open door. In a closed room a guard sat, watching the screens that fed info from the security cameras. He noticed a blue light going off.

"Carbon monoxide?" he wondered aloud. He didn't even notice that by now the monster had nearly made its way out of the facility.

Near the exit there was a room with a terminal which held a back-up of most of the non-confidential files the facility had. The room had only two guards, seeing as this information wasn't exactly vital. The door was kicked down and for an instant the guards found themselves staring into the yellow eyes of the monster. There were muffled gunshots as the monster fired three round bursts into both guards with surprising accuracy.

It threw down the gun and ran over to the terminal. It seemed to have no trouble hacking in and quickly found the file it appeared to be looking for. The file was entitled "Project Omega", and contained information that seemed like it would be more confidential than something anyone was allowed to see. The monster read through the beginning of the file, but stopped less than a fifth of the way through.

"Project Omega Subject 2
Name: Nathaniel Thorne
Age: Unknown
Identification: N/A

"That's it." The monster said, having found what he was looking for.

The sudden sound of a gunshot made the monster jump back as a bullet whizzed past, shattering the monitor. A green haired man who appeared to be middle-aged stood in the doorway, a revolver in his hand.

"So, Nathan is it? I trust that now that you've found what you wanted you'll return quietly to your cell and I won't have to kill you."


So, this is the beginning of something new.


"Where should I go?
What should I do?
I don't understand what you want from me"
Hoobastank ~ Out of Control

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