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PostSubject: untitled   9/10/2016, 11:33 am

Daniel stared out at the large building in the distance. It was a cursed place, somewhere he'd never wanted to go back to. In recent days, his mind had been failing. He found himself forgetting things that were important, he knew he had supernatural powers, but he didn't know how to activate them. He felt like there was something else too. Something incredibly important, but anytime he tried to think of it his thought led here. To a large cement building surrounded by trees.

As he wandered the empty halls he saw large tubes and cages. He had been in one once. Looking around at all the damage, he knew that fighting had taken place here. In fact, the whole building was in ruins. It looked like it had been abandoned for years. Did I fight here? What exactly happened? The only answer he received came in the form of a low humming. Something he hadn't noticed before, it was a sound that was familiar to him in a way he didn't understand.

He followed the sound to a room with a desk and a chair and a small box that emitted a faint light. He remembered that a young boy with green hair had once told him about these boxes. The image displayed seemed frozen on the screen, and no attempt that Daniel made with either of the attached devices seemed to change it.

It was a series of words, a document or perhaps an article. It seemed to focus on cats and he didn't understand why that would be on the screen of a computer in a place like this. Some of the words looked like words he knew, but he couldn't recall a meaning for them no matter how hard he tried.

"What are you doing back here?" A menacing voice spoke out from the darkness behind him. Daniel spun around to see a large figure standing over him. The figure moved closer. "Time to go back to your cell, you filthy animal." The voice spoke again. Daniel felt something in the back of his head. He lashed out swinging at the mysterious figure. His blow didn't connect though, rather, it seemed to pass through the figure entirely.

The figure got closer, surrounding him with darkness, but a second later he opened his eyes to find himself alone in the room. The computer behind him showed nothing on its monitor. The power had been out for years.

Daniel walked out of the room and continued down the hall. Maybe this was a mistake, this place seemed to hold no answers. Nevertheless, Daniel pressed on, he knew what he was forgetting was important, but he wouldn't remember it by just sitting in the forest all day. The shadows seemed to stalk him from room to room and every now and then he had a glimpse of something that seemed like his past. Strange machines, now devoid of purpose, haunted his memories and his memories haunted his present. He saw visions of torture and death in front of his eyes, as real as the day they had happened. He remembered, everyone here had been pushed to a breaking point and one day, they pushed back.

Something moved in the shadows. Daniel had caught sight of it before, but it was so hardly noticeable that he had written it off as a delusion. But now he saw clearly, orange eyes staring at him from across the room. He stopped, something felt wrong, a sensor in his brain seemed to be crying out, warning him of impending danger.

The creature leapt at him, pushing him to the ground with the full weight of its body. It snarled like a feral animal and though it had the features of one, it looked more human than animal. He pushed it off and got to his feet. The creature had fur, but it also had hair, long hair. It's hair was black, and though Daniel didn't know why, it felt nostalgic to him. The creature pounced again and Daniel adjusted his stance. With a swift movement he dodged and stuck the creature from below, sending it tumbling to the ground. He didn't know who, but he felt like someone had shown him that move before.

The creature snarled again. "What's the matter, afraid of a fair fight?" It seemed to ask, though he could tell it hadn't spoke. "Are you worried? Scared that I'll kill you just like I killed them?" Daniel was flooded with images, two wolves, a black haired teen, a homeless boy with white hair and yellow eyes, all of them glaring at him, wishing him dead. A black cat stood beside him, readying itself for battle. Daniel blinked, trying to clear his head.

The creature attacked, knocking him over once again. He knew it was going to go in for the kill, but for some reason, his body felt heavy. Its jaws began to close around his neck when he suddenly felt something warm. There was a blinding flash as the beast spontaneously combusted, the fire consumed everything around them, but to Daniel it didn't feel hot. Instead, it felt welcoming, like the embrace of a loved one. The creature fell off of him, dead. A young woman helped Daniel to his feet and he was confused for a moment.


"Dad!" The woman exclaimed. Daniel's vision and his mind cleared and he realized that he was mistaken, though not by much. "What are you doing here? Where have you been? It's been years!"


"Where should I go?
What should I do?
I don't understand what you want from me"
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